1.    What is Remit to Nepal (Himalaya Money Transfer)?

Remittonepal is an authorised money transfer company trading As Himalaya Money Transfer since 15 years in Australia. Recently Himalaya Money Transfer extends its service through the online access as well you can log in on www.remittonepal.com for every service available within Himalaya Money Transfer.
It’s a 24/7 online and telephone based company to serve its customer with the maximum legitimate exchange rate around the Globe for every currency for remittance service.
2. How do I pay for my remittance transactions?

Remittonepal Trading as Himalaya Money Transfer is available with wide range of services for its customer convenience. We accept the money in our Business Bank Account via: Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery credit card. You may also use your money in your bank account by using the debit card issued to you by your bank to pay for your remittance transaction i.e. you can Directly Transfer the amount through Online Banking facility provided by your Bank.

Our Bank Account Detail:
BSB: 062174
A/c Number: 10145315
Account Name: Himalaya Money Transfer

3. How long do I have to wait before my remittance is processed for release to my beneficiary after I perform through Himalaya Money Transfer?

We would like to assure our entire customer that it’s an additional advantage of using Himalaya Money Transfer because we will IMMEDIATELY process your remittance transaction upon approval of your payment. There is no need to wait for a few days before we start fulfilling your remittance request. “AAJA KO 2:00 BAJE YANHA PAISA DINUHOSH AAJA NAI BIHANA 10:00 BAJE NEPAL MA PAISA BUJNUHOSH.”

4. How soon my beneficiary receives the money I sent through Himalaya Money Transfer?

As you Process your Payment here as according to the service type you want to take n Nepal we will process as accordingly:
If You Want Cash:
From our Every Cash Counter in Nepal you can take the cash amount.
If you provide us your beneficiary’s Bank Account Detail:
We will Deposit your money in the entire Bank in Nepal which you have nominated and provided to us.
 Please visit our Services page to view complete list of remittance funding time.

6. I don’t have a computer or access to the internet, can I create my account by calling Remittonepal trading as Himalaya Money Transfer?

Yes, you may create your account with Himalayan Money Transfer by calling our 24/7 customer service support centre, even if you created your account online, you may call Himalayan Money Transfer Remit customer support and we will please enough to fulfil your remittance transaction and will be processed immediately.

 8. How many beneficiaries can I add to my account?

There is no limit to the number of beneficiaries you may add to your account. But we would like to advise you to transact always with the right benificiaries.when all of your beneficiaries are already added to your account, you do not have to re-enter their information when you want to send them money.
You Should Include beneficiaries Detail as:
Telephone Number:
E-mail ID:

9. Is there a limit to the amount I can send?

You may send Minimum up to $ 100.00 to maximum up to $ 9990.00 daily in one transaction number of transaction may take place in a day using your credit card or debit card.

10. Why do you need my beneficiary’s Nepal cell phone number?

We send your beneficiary a text alert for your remittance transaction so that they are aware that you sent them money from here. Furthermore we will confirm you about the remittance transaction here too.

 11. Why do you need my email address since I already provided my contact details?

Your valid email address is required because your email address is to be assigned as your username on the website. When you create your account, the website will send your password to the email you indicated during account creation. We also need your valid email address because this is how Himalaya Money Transfer shall primarily communicate with you.

12. How do i send money on recurring Basis?

You can send money from your Bank Account frequently to your Beneficiary in Nepal on regular basis. The first time you send money to this recipient, simply indicate the transaction as a recurring transaction; indicate the amount and frequency of each transaction.
Once this is set up, you will automatically receive an e-mail from us a few days prior to the transaction date informing you of the transaction. Then, you can log in your bank’s website to transfer your desired funds into our bank account with the transaction id through net banking service of your bank within 24 hours.
Each month you will receive a tracking ID for your transaction, which you can use to track the progress of your transaction online. In addition, you can always change your options at any time.

13. How do i know the status of My Transaction?

Online tracking is available for you to be well informed and up to date information about the transaction to follow the progress of your money. You simply have to log in to your account and click on ‘Transaction Details’ on the left column. Then, in the next page, you need to click on the transaction number which you want to check the status of. A list of recent transaction will also come up in the first page itself when you login.

14. is my money Safe?

Of course! Your money is safe and is for right destination, will be sent as according to your authority. Our software uses the latest 256-bit SSL encryption, so no unauthorized person can ever see details of your transaction. In addition, you have the security of knowing that your funds are handled through Commonwealth Bank, one of the premier banks in Australia and in Nepal, it is routed through almost all Bank in Nepal, the reputable banking institutions in Nepal.

15. Will my Personal Information be protected?

Himalaya Money transfer respects each of our individual Clients, we will keep all your information very secrete and confidential for all of us shake. Definitely! The site uses 256-bit SSL encryption to protect all personal identification information that you submit, including your name, address, e-mail address, login ID and password.

16. What are the fees?

We have the competitive and advantageous fee, we set up our fee as standard as Australia wide i.e. only $ 10.00 whatever, where ever and whenever you send any amount of the money.